6746 Balboa Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91406

(818) 787-2659


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Where to Park:
Large parking lot adjacent to the shop, behind Millie’s Restaurant. Our shop is a perfect rendezvous and first stop for anyone that wants to organize a carpool.

About Us:
 A-Major-Knitwork is the destination for all your knitting and crocheting needs. Our yarns range from lace to bulky, in a variety of fibers and colors. There is an outstanding selection of needles, buttons, bags and accessories, to help you start and complete any project.
Owned by a mother–daughter duo, who are here to help you take your projects to the next level. We offer, Wi-Fi, classes, knit alongs, crochet alongs, social knitting, technical help, custom charting and more.
Don’t just sit there, learn to knit or crochet today. Take advantage of the benefits crafting has to offer, and enjoy a decorative or warm wearable, or giftable – sweater, scarf, hat, etc.

A-Major-Knitwork is located in the center of the Sepulveda Basin. It is surrounded by many fast-food restaurants as well as a lovely coffee shop, Millie's. It is the perfect spot to arrange for carpools since there is the best parking lot in the Valley.

Where to eat:
For a nice coffee shop meal that serves breakfast all day (if you ask for the menu) we share the parking lot with Millie’s. We especially love their omelettes and chicken salad sandwich.
For a quick bite, we also share the parking lot with Jack-in-the-Box, and right across the street are some other fast-food favorites like Subway and McDonalds.

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