If you are considering using a storage unit, either to preserve what your children no longer have or just to store seasonal clothes, especially winter ones; The first thing you should know is how to store your clothes correctly.

At first impression, it can be a simple task because we believe that it is enough to just pack everything in boxes and place them in a container, but it is more complex than that. To maintain the quality of your garments you have to be sure that they are properly stored.

This means choosing proper storage. Cinch bicester storage is the best company to hire if you are looking for such a space. You can consider size or location, as well as taking precautions regarding humidity and pests. Below we will give you a few recommendations on how to care for your clothes in a storage unit.

Wash Everything

Before packing everything you should make sure to wash all the clothes you want to store in a storage unit. This is crucial to maintain the durability of your garments, unwashed clothes can produce irreversible stains as well as mold, generating a bad smell. Residues of perfumes, lotions, oils, even sweat, can become impregnated in the fabric, managing to discolor your clothes. Food stains or undiluted fabric softeners can ruin your clothes in the short or long term.

Donate or Sell What You Don’t Want

When packing, you should consider looking at your closet and deciding which objects you want to keep and which you want to get rid of. A secret, put aside everything that you have not worn in the last 8 months and think about why I have not used it? Do I plan to do it in the next few months?

If the answer is negative, it is better to say goodbye. Also, separate anything that does not fit, has stains, or is torn. An excellent idea is to sell your clothes through Facebook, or Instagram pages. Another good option is to donate to organizations that really need it.

Keep Everything in an Optimal Environment

Store your clothes in a dry, dark and cool environment. If the space is bright, the light can fade the fabric of your garments. Many people decide to store their objects in attics or basements but these areas are often more vulnerable to changes in temperature causing your clothes to be damaged. Your best option is a storage unit with temperature control, managing to move moisture away from your objects.

By following these recommendations you will feel much more secure and confident that your garments are in good condition and ready for use as long as they are in a warehouse with due care.